Have you ever been in the situation where you said: "oh, man, I wish, I could read minds, so I know where I with him or her am?"

If the answer is YES, you are in the right place and don't worry, you are not alone, and you can get some "mind-reading" skills. 

Body language is a nonverbal part of communication, and it conveys up to 95% of all the emotional messages we communicate. So by understanding body language, you are peeking into the emotional state of the person. 

There are signs like the position of the head, facial expressions, micro-expressions, shoulders, the direction of the feet, blocking behaviour and much more. All these signs reveal you how the person feels even without verbally saying this. And a fantastic thing about it is that body language is often subconscious, so people don't think of what they communicate nonverbally. The advantage for us! 

Observing is not everything; you also have to be aware of your body language because you communicate like this as well. 

By being aware of your body language and it's importance, you can pursue specific goals on the conversation more precisely. You can train yourself to be more confident, to be perceived as more confident, to make people like you, to make people feel uncomfortable if necessary, to show respect. 

This skill is enormously useful if you ever get in to touch with people. 

And it hides one bonus thing. Whenever you have a spare time among people, you can be peeking into their minds, be discovering what is a group dynamic like, who is on the first date, and who is confident, or who is stressed. 

It's much fun! Trust me! 


Helping clients to get better at the aspects of body language they need to. Coming across looking better, become more attentive to other, etc.

Online Courses

Video courses on vital topics within the whole spectre of body language topics accompanied with a personal clients support and teaching material.


Interesting stories from a life of body language skilled person. Real-life situations where body language acted a vital part.

I have to admit, I was surprised how was the workshop performed. I have so far never seen such a young person having a workshop full of such facts in an understandable form, like this one. When lecturing he was confident enough to make even much older listeners listen attentively and actively participate in the communication.

Jan Horuc, CEO, Prague

I have expected a lot from Martin’s workshop and my expectations were fulfilled. In my area of business, I often have to deal with this issue but till now, I had very little experiences with body language so I didn’t know how to apply it into causal business communication either. I received a lot of interesting and useful information, which I am definitely going to use and I believe, they are going to help a lot. I can only recommend!

Jiri Tomek, finance consultant

This was a very useful course, with each section in 1 to 3 minute videos. Each video explained the idea of body language, and the practical application in every day life. The message was very clear. The story telling enhanced the message.

Asad Geetai, a dentist, Liverpool