Hi and welcome. I am Martin Semerad and I am a communication coach specialising on nonverbal communication or otherwise body language. My story starts when I was about 14 years old when I, by accident, found out there something more behind a spoken communication, that there is a nonverbal part which is insanely influential. 

As I was pretty young I made my parents buy a book on the subject, the book was written by James Borg and it was my first intended touch with body language since then I have been deepening this knowledge and skills, for a couple of years I have been only studying and absorbing information, after that, I started the journey of transforming my life with this skill. 

I started to look at people and find out how they feel, what relationships are they enjoying and which are not gonna last, I started using techniques from the literature to impress people, to make them listen to me, to make them like me and I have been successful. I tried a lot of stuff, some didn’t work and some did so I created a repertoire of skills which are proven by experiences during the last 6 years. 

I realised how powerful is a smile at the right moment and it helped me to go through high school even when I wasn’t the most skilled engineer but I understood the dynamics of people. I have been able to go to exams and use my skills to avoid areas I didn’t know much about and pick specific areas I wished. 

Then I decided to leave my birth town and go to see the big world so I went to London. This time was essential for my development as a specialist on nonverbal communication on the international level. I put my communicational skill through a test and it passed successfully. I have found a job within 15 hours living in London. Don’t get confused a bit of luck was important part but when the luck is giving you a chance you have to take it and use it and it’s super easy to reject the open chest of luck, I have also experienced some of that on my journeys but let’s save this story for another time. 

During this time I have finished certifications by Dr Ekman and his PEG so I become specialist in facial expressions by finishing the most comprehensive course on facial expressions called Facial Action Coding System among other I am certified by Vanessa Van Edwards and her Science of People, TJ Walker and a couple of others. 

I am deeply interested in psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy and general wisdom, I love reading, handstanding, hiking and a city walks, I practised Philippine martial art Escrima and there is so much more that it would take on the whole book so I will cut it off. 

In year 2018 I decided to launch my Instagram account focusing mainly on body language which already has about 4,5k followers, since then I have created 5 online courses published on Udemy, Skillshare and Teachable, which has been already sold in more than 15 countries, I spoke for managers and public audience in Prague and London on importance of the body language in interpersonal relationships. I am writing articles for Thrive Global community and also blog for my followers what is it like to live life as a specialist on body language. 

Body language is my passions and I feel the urge to spread the word into the world, so if you are interested in body language as well, you have found the right place!