What you'll learn:

🎭 seeing behind the masks

🧐 decoding facial-expressions

🤔 evaluating observed situations

📚 a bit of theory behind facial expressions

🤲 what is the cost of being aware of these expressions

👨‍👩‍👧 how to come along with others easier

Can you imagine yourself standing right in front of the person, looking at his or her face and actually seeing what’s happening behind this facade, being able to see what the person truly feels?

Reading facial expressions gives you this skill because they are a genuine mirror of emotions that are felt on the inside. 

-We cannot hide the heat from the flame of emotions that bursts in the inside.-

When the person is happy, you will see a smile on the mouth and wrinkles around the eyes. When the person is sad, you will see roof-like shaped eye-brows and gaze directed down or in disgust, you will notice a nose wrinkle. 

All these tiny movements of the face are called micro-expressions and they are genuine flashes of emotions felt even when the person tries so hard to appear in another mood. These micro-expressions are like slips of truly felt emotions and we are not able to hide it no matter how hard we try.

We will go thru all main emotions and you will see you how they look like on the face and you will see some real-life examples of how to peek into the emotional state of some people. 

The main emotions are: 

So I hope we are gonna see each other on the next side! :) 

Hi, I’m Martin

I love body language and I spent a lot of time mastering the skill. Hundreds of hours of observing throughout 8 years working on it, hundreds of people met, several different certifications by Dr Ekman, Science of People, TJ Walker.

And now I decided to pass the knowledge.

Hope you are ready for a ride!

This course includes:
✅ Free Facial Expressions Training e-book
✅ Exercises
✅ access in the VIP Body Language Mastery Facebook group
✅ real-life video examples 
✅ facial expressions practise template
✅ certified instructor 
✅ friendly, and open communication, and personal support on the journey


Feeling better about yourself because you are increasing your communicational ability.


You will see what people around you feel so you will know how to talk to them conveniently. When the person is angry you take a different approach than when he is sad. 


This is a secret one, so don’t tell it anyone. 🤫 As you can read emotions, you can pretty easily use this skill while playing for example card or guessing games.